0 comments on “Amazing! #korg #monotron #music by dguaico91”

Amazing! #korg #monotron #music by dguaico91

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/OM5HQdpXul/

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PixiTracker 1Bit – Very cute!!

PixiTracker 1Bit - Alexander Zolotov

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Reminder: Korg apps at 50% off until the 20th

Just another reminder (in case you missed it from yesterday) that all the Korg apps are currently 50% off and will be until the 20th.


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Sat110812 v2 by wharf99


Here’s what wharf99 says about this track: A melange featuring bits of ShapeSynth, NLog, Sunrizer, FunkBox and BeatMaker -with a little help from Ableton…

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Open Hardware Summit

I’m not sure if anyone’s interested, or that is to say, how many, but the open hardware summit is on in September in New York. Full details here.

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Magellan Synth Review from Smite Matter

If you’re wondering about Magellan from Yonac then you might want to read this review from Smite Matter which will give you a lot of detail about the app.

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Magic Piano for Android: Moves Like Jagger

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Everyone Can Play Music #20: Quasi-Arpeggiator Thing

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Magellan manual available

If you need more help with Magellan the manual is available here.

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Mutable Instruments Ambika Test 2