If you like RJDJ and augmented audio then you might want to try Lis10er for iPhone

I’ve been playing with this app for a little while now. It’s a little like RJDJ and some of the other augmented apps I’ve posted on before, so if you like that kind of application on your iPhone it might be something you’d like to try.

Personally I like this kind of application, and I like this one as it adopts a scene type approach which gives a variety of different audio approaches.

It’s obvious that a lot of work has gone into the design of each scene. I think it’s something that I will be using for a long while to come.

Here’s the app’s description:

Lis10er (Listener) 1.0 is a binaural audio augmented reality iPhone application that creates an “augmented soundspace”, warping and mixing the sounds from the microphone with prerecorded imagined sounds. Lis10er is designed by Matteo Milani and Federico Placidi (aka U.S.O. Project) in collaboration with Tue Haste Andersen.

Lis10er is an application that places the emphasis on the surfaces of the world in which we live. It has been developed keeping in mind the issue of “environmental lis10ing” in everyday activities, like traveling, walking, reading.

Mixing “live” sounds and their aural context with designed sounds creates a new “virtual Place” where the lis10er can immerse himself and develop an active aural consciousness in order to better understand the physical and social context which describe and define our everyday life.

The app interconnects places, everyday situations and sonic awareness.

Lis10er promotes a creative mode of lis10ing.

Lis10er is priced at $3.99.

Lis10er - Digital4x4

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