CASSINI Polyphonic Synthesizer for iPad: Full specs and details

I realised that having posted all the videos of Cassini I hadn’t posted the specs. So, here it is:

3 OSCs + 2 Filters + AMP + 9 EGs + 6 LFOs + 3band EQ + Saturator + 2 Delays + Arpeggiator

3 Oscillators + 1 Sub-Osc

  • Sawtooth, Pulse(PWM), Triangle, Sine, Noise, FM
  • Waveshape Modulation
  • Oscillator Sync
  • Ring Modulation

2 Filters

  • LP24, LP18, LP12, LP6, BP, HP


  • Overdrive
  • 3 Band EQ
  • Auto Pan

9 Envelope Generators

  • DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • Velocity, Keyboard Tracking

6 LFOs

  • Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, Random, 16 Step Sequence
  • Waveshape Modulation
  • Envelope(AD/AR)

Modulation Delay

  • Delay Time: 1-2000ms / Tempo Sync
  • Delay Time Modulation

Filtered Stereo Delay

  • Resonant Filter (LP, BP, HP)
  • Filter Modulation
  • Programable Polyphonic Arpeggiator
  • Scale/Chord Remapper
  • CoreMIDI (input)
  • Virtual MIDI-IN & Background Audio
  • Scrollable keyboard (Horizontal scrolling at the bottom edge of the keyboard)


  • Audio Copy (Compatible with INTUA BeatMaker, Apple GarageBand and so on.)
  • Export wav file via iTunes File Sharing
  • The recording time is limited to 3 minutes.

CASSINI Synth for iPad - iceGear

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