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Korg by admiralos

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/N8ojXugxlo/

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Weekly round up (30th July to 5th August)

I haven’t done one of these for a long time now, but I thought it might be interesting to see if it was worthwhile. Here’s a quick run down of all the news over the last week, or at least the most significant bits anyway.

That’s the main stuff in my opinion, hope you enjoy what’s left of the weekend.

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vjay update

A small update for vjay, but it’s also still on sale at 50% off at the moment. So might be worth taking a look into. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for 1080p videos (up to 30 FPS)
  • Added setting: Play Automatically
  • Added setting: Auto Repeat
  • Improved overall performance
  • Fixed compatibility with VoiceOver
  • Added support for Numark Mixdeck Quad and ION iDJ 2 Go MIDI controllers

vjay - algoriddim

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A Brief Play With Synchroid For Android

A very brief look at Synchroid for Android. It seems to be quite fun although I’ve not really explored it fully as yet.

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ExtraSlice introductory price ends on Monday, get it cheap while you can

Just a reminder that the ExtraSlice introductory price will end on Monday, so why not get it now while it’s cheap while you can. It’s only $0.99.

ExtraSlice - The Strange Agency LLC