Performance Synth for iPad arrives

Performance Synth is a new iPad synth. From the description it doesn’t appear to offer anything particularly new, but as I haven’t tried it as yet I can’t tell you what it’s like.

Here’s the app’s description:

Performance Synth is Clockwork Software’s amazing synthesizer for the iPad.
Performance Synth can express an almost infinite variety of unique sounds
using its subtractive synthesis architecture. While Performance Synth
doesn’t have every feature a stand alone synthesizer has, you have in your
hand an amazingly powerful tool in a portable, use anywhere format. As the
name implies, Performance Synth is meant to be played in real time.

If you are a guitar or bass player you can carry around a complete musical
synthesizer in your guitar case and use it where ever you need it.

Watch for Performance Synth to become more powerful with each software release.

Performance Synth’s architecture and capabilities are similar to that of a
Mini-Moog or a Roland Juno synthesizer. Many of the synthesizer sounds heard
in today’s contemporary music and movies can be reproduced with Performance Synth.
Unlike old analog synthesizers, Performance Synth is implemented entirely in
software which means all timing is rock solid and Performance Synth will never,
ever go out of tune.

Performance Synth turns your iPad into a complex musical instrument
which will take time to completely master. In experienced hands,
Performance Synth is a serious musical instrument. For all users,
Performance Synth can be a source of wonder and delight with the
multitude of sounds and sonic textures it can create.

Performance Synth has the following features:

  • Three voice polyphony
  • Three independent, configurable oscillators
  • An LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) for AM/FM modulation of the other oscillators
  • Oscillators have six octave range
  • Oscillators have four selectable wave shapes: Sin, Triangle, Square and Sawtooth
  • Oscillators can run in tracking mode or polyphony mode
  • Oscillators can be de-tuned in relation to each other
  • Oscillators can be amplitude or frequency modulated to a user selected level
  • Built in metronome with tapable tempo and selectable beats per measure
  • 24db/octave variable resonance Low Pass sweepable filter
  • Pink noise generator
  • Two Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release (ADSR) type envelope generators for driving filter (Vcf) and amplitude (Vca) envelopes
  • Effects infrastructure which allows audio effects to be applied in any order.
  • On board effects include Delay, Phaser and Reverb
  • Ability to save and load presets. This allows you to save your important sound setups and recall them in real time during a performance.
  • All aspects of Performance Synth run in real time

We recommend you read the user’s manual after your purchase so you’ll
get the most out of Performance Synth. The manual is available at:

The app is priced at $4.99

Performance Synth - craig lindley

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