Gaia’s Lament (OPlab and other gear)

Here’s the video’s description:

A plaintive orchestral song that uses Teenage Engineering’s OPlab to bring together the OP-1, KORE 2 and the Kaossilator 2 through not just one, but TWO audio-MIDI feedback loops, the first via the Sonuus i2M and the second via the G2M.

Some techniques I used: sampling a string patch from the Kurzweil PC361; using the microphone input to insert the Kaossilator 2 loops live; adjusting KORE 2 on the floy (you can see me pick up the OP-1 to get at the Mac’s touchpad—everything was tight so the video camera would include the whole rig); plugging and unplugging the G2M (so I would not have to reach wa-a-ay over to adjust the send); playing two keyboards (OP-1 and Korg NanoKey) each into the OP-1 but at different octaves; and playing KORE 2 only via the i2M.

All of this worked very well because the Teenage Engineering OPlab was designed cleverly to merge MIDI streams and send them to the OP-1. The OPlab is pretty fast and reliable doing its job. The OP-1 is also a remarkably flexible synth also.

You can hear the audio-MIDI feedback for the OP-1 kick in when I plug in the AUX SEND to the G2M. The sound immediately becomes chaotic, although you can hear (and see) me force the melody to stay within the chaotic attractor.

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