MIDI in motion for iPhone arrives

MIDI In Motion turns your iPhone into a motion controller for MIDI capable hardware and software instruments.

This app is not a gimmick but an expressive tool that will put even more live to your electronic music. Its operational area reaches from producing smooth evolving sound transitions to fast and fine phrases. Up to four arbitrary assignable parameters can be controlled by your device’s spacial attitude with both precicion and intuition.

A short list of features:

  • MIDI data can be sent over Wi-Fi network or to special hardware devices like iRig MIDI
  • freely adjustable sphere of action
  • two different performance types, more coming
  • connections to MIDI services can be restored automatically
  • perform while the app is in background or even when the screen is locked
  • stable attitude tracking over long time intervals

MIDI in motion is priced at $4.99.

MIDI In Motion - Florian Schwehn

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