TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer updates

Lots of fixes and some new things too. Here’s the list:

Version 1.5 New Features:

  • 32 new presets!
  • option to run audio while the app is in the background
  • patch preview window in the Load / Save view


  • AM depth starting volume (patch option)
  • sequencers can lock steps between themselves
  • sequencers playback buttons

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed audio drop out when switching apps
  • fixed module connection errors
  • multiple ahdsr bugs fixed
  • multiple lfo bugs fixed
  • multiple sequencer bugs fixed
  • fixed custom grids sometimes not appearing
  • fixed Controllers Used table errors
  • touch preview activity prevents rotation
  • fixed Patch Gain parameter controller display bug
  • fixed gyroscope pitch clipping

TC-11 Multi-Touch Synthesizer - Bit Shape

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