Pythonista, yep, it’s Python on your iPad

Another programming language comes to the iPad. Here’s the app description:

Pythonista brings the Zen of Python™ to your iPad.

Create interactive experiments and prototypes using multi-touch, animations, and sound – or just use the interactive prompt as a very powerful calculator.

Pythonista is also a great tool for learning Python – The interactive prompt helps you explore the language with code completion, the entire documentation is accessible right within the app and you can get started with lots of ready-to-run examples.


  • Full-featured code editor with syntax highlighting and basic code completion
  • Extended keyboard, designed specifically for Python
  • Interactive prompt with code completion and history
  • Complete documentation with quick lookup directly from the editor
  • Multiple color themes for syntax highlighting
  • Includes most of the standard library and additional modules for graphics and sound
  • Lots of examples included

The app is priced at $5.49.

Pythonista - omz:software

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