Don’t forget Reactable

Possibly a final reminder on this. If you’re already a reactable mobile user then you may want to give it a go. Here are the details:

The challenge finishes on the 13th. Here’s the general idea of the thing:

  1. Join the Reactable Community and sign up for Reactable Challenge using the register form.
  2. Create an original table with a performance on Reactable mobile. Record the audio and upload it to SoundCloud.
  3. Upload your tables, make sure your tracks are linked and submit them to Reactable Challenge via the register form.
  4. Share your tables and get them liked. The 20 most liked tables will qualify for the next round.

More information on the challenge is at the Reactable site.

If you want to check out the app, click on the button below.

Reactable mobile - Reactable Systems SL

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