Maggie Jones’, Concretedog, and strange ideas about mobile music in space

I was lucky enough to get together with Concreted0g last week in Kensington. We managed to find a great place to eat called Maggie Jones, which I’d thoroughly recommend. The food was great, the interior was really interesting, and the staff were very friendly.

So, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with mobile music? Good question.

We talked a lot about older music making devices, the GBA, the awesome Jornada 720, which Concreted0g had brought with him, Sony’s ultimate PDA the UX50, and my ancient TRG Pro. I have to admit that it was great to be able to site and just chat away about some of this ancient tech with someone who’s happy to listen to my ramblings.

Then we moved on to talking about space. The Concreted0g has been fixated with space travel and specifically with cubesat. We had a lengthy discussion around the transmission of MIDI  data back from a satellite. There seem to be a number of projects that are attempting to get small satellites up and running and some of these have really good ideas.

So, what’s this got to do with mobile music? Well, it doesn’t get much more mobile than going to space does it?

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