Something nice on the way for Loopseque

The lovely people from loopseque have some nice new goodies coming soon enough. Here’s what they’ve been saying on their facebook page:

There is something you may be interesting in. Last months we are working on a couple of things.
The first and most excting is Loopseque MIDI support. Hope you’ll get it this summer. Also we made up our mind to have discussion about MIDI soon.
Second thing is CHORDER for Loopseque. This will play chord sound from any one note sample.
You can see CHORDER settings on screenshot.
We suppose there to be some preset chords and custom chord settings.
Do you need custom setting or maybe most popular major and minor chords would be enough?

I love Loopseque, it has such an amazing interface! So if you don’t know it yet, you should take a look as there’s good things coming.

Loopseque - Casual Underground

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