ALT OSC – Flick Pad

Another universal OSC app for your device:

ALT OSC is an Open Sound Control application. This application is a specialized multi touch input device with simple operation. Its been designed for use in different purposes and in various situations, e.g. making music, performances, and installations. The power of this app is not limited to audio but also for providing visual as well as program control.

[ Function ]

  • OSC functions with the sliding, flicking, or dragging of multi touch control of discs placed on an x,y axis.
  • The disks will vary in number and are used as targets for tweaking the numeric values to which the OSC has been set to command.
  • The clean and simple interface provides an intuitive interaction with the device.
  • Combined with our original MIDI Bridge Application, MIDI signals interact with other Digital Audio Workstation software.
  • OSC also integrates with Max/MSP software, developed by Cycling’74 you can assign variables as you like.

[ A mode ]

  • In this mode you control the disc by touching coordinates. The disc will appear on the coordinates that you have touched.
  • You can control the disc’s movements and the time until they disappear through settings of friction and duration.

[ B mode ]

  • In this mode you choose the number of discs, and control each disc’s coordinates.
  • You can control the movements of the discs by friction.

[ Accelerometer ]

  • You can send a signal (x,y,z) in OSC using the acceleration sensor of your device.

[ Requirements ]
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

The app is priced at $0.99.

ALT OSC - Flick Pad - Karappo Inc.

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