Koushion: Pads arrives

A new iPad app from Koushion:

Pad-based controllers such as the MPC have become a ubiquitous fixture in electronic music setups worldwide. So, why would you want another? Koushion: Pads adds a new twist to the popular controller by adding a key lock feature and programmable pads. The key lock feature empowers you to improvise with a larger range of pitches by removing those that are not in the desired key. If locking yourself to one key sounds a bit too limiting, but you want to reach a few notes that are out of the 16-pad range, or even if you just want a custom controller layout, each pad can be edited independently to trigger a different note. Once you’ve found a custom layout that you like, you can easily save it for future use.

**NOTE: Pads only generates MIDI (NOT audio), and therefore will not work in the background. Pads does work with background audio apps via virtual MIDI.

**Windows and Mac Users: A third party has developed an rtpMIDI driver that other apps are recommending. Please visit this site to find your necessary drivers:

Key Features:

  • 16 easy-to-tap pads in a familiar MPC-style layout
  • Key lock: with the flick of a finger, you can lock the pads to any major, minor, or pentatonic scale
  • Programmable layout: every pad can be re-assigned to any MIDI note
  • Virtual MIDI

Pads connects to your existing MIDI hardware via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or the iRig MIDI from IK Multimedia. Wireless connectivity via CoreMIDI Network Sessions.

**NOTE: Using WiFi may cause latency issues. We strongly recommend using cables for optimum performance.

The app is priced at $2.99

Koushion: Pads - Kudzu Creative Group

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