Clap Box (universal) arrives, and it’s free!

An app from Puremagnetik, let’s hope it is the first of many! Here’s the app’s description:

Clap Box is a perfect emulation of the classic 1982 Clap Trap. It is inspired by all of the cool sounds of the original, the same programming logic, plus more modern enhancements like MIDI trigger and BPM matching. So put a legendary handclap synthesizer right in your pocket or backpack and check out Clap Box today!

Clap Box Features

  • Authentic emulation of the original Clap Trap
  • Audio Trigger via your device’s built in mic – just clap your hands in realtime to trigger!
  • Full MIDI support over WiFi
  • Auto Speed triggers at BPMs up to 300
  • “Humanize” function creates random variations

Clap Box - Puremagnetik

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