NanoStudio goes to version 1.33

The long awaiting next update to NanoStudio arrives:


  • Retina display support for new iPad
  • Eden sample page supports note slicing, so samples can be sliced across the keyboard in up to 64 slices
  • Files can be emailed from within NanoStudio
  • .nsp, .wav and .mid files are now associated so they can be opened with NanoStudio from other apps
  • .nsp files are associated so they can now be opened with NanoStudio by double-clicking (OS X/Windows)
  • Computer keyboard support for typing file names, playing keys/pads and basic sequencer operation (OS X/Windows)
  • NanoStudio for OS X is now available via the Mac app store


  • Projects were not always exported with relative sample paths (so they had to be decompressed to the same folder path to work)
  • Using AV adapter on iOS causes crash
  • Channel L/R buttons in mixer are sometimes visible when they shouldn’t be
  • The last note event of a loop section was sometimes played at the beginning of the loop when resampling with pre-roll enabled
  • Tapping FX indicator on mixer channel sometimes selects the wrong channel (iPad)
  • When using more than 32 mixer channels, the later channels would sometimes be silent
  • NanoStudio would shutdown the network MIDI session for other apps on start up
  • Removed small click on the end of a couple of default TRG samples (eg. 808 BD)
  • Couldn’t set metronome to zero volume

NanoStudio for iOS:
NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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