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#newtoy #korg #monotron # synthesizer by yousaveferris

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/Nw5iPkmdXA/

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NanoStudio arrives on the Mac App Store

Finally, NanoStudio arrives at the Mac app store! You can find it using the link below, and yes, it is free.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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iOS Update Vol 6. – Sweetwater Sound

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Trippy Beatmaking with an iPad

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Circuit Bent ClearTone Synth by freeform delusion

Via Matrixsynth.

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#monotron #korg by nugent76

A Monotron via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/KSeW7iqXpb/

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SJS-One looking very interesting …

For the DIY enthusiasts among you. This does look like it could be worth taking a closer look at.

Via CDM.

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Miselu Interview with Korg’s Hironori Fukuda

If you’ve got an interest in the Miselu and what they’re now referring to as their ‘platform’ then you should check out this article on their blog.

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Koushion and the Moog MIDI MuRF

Koushion - Kudzu Creative Group

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wristwatch turntables, mobile music, yeah?

Via Matrixsynth.