MultiTrack DAW updates with 24 bit recording and more

Here’s what’s new in version 3.1.6:

24 bit recording capable! And 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz supported! New projects can now be created with 16 bit or 24 bit, and one of these sample rates. Use the Options menu from the song list screen to choose the format for a new song project. 24 bit projects will use 64 bits for internal signal processing. All imported/recorded audio will be converted to match the song project format, if needed. (**)

New “Open In…” button for Regions, Bins, and Mixdowns. This gives you another way to get audio out of MultiTrack and into another app, like DropBox or other sharing apps.

Improved background support, double tap the Home button for audio controls that can now be used to control MultiTrack.

Internal Dithering for all volume controls. Even when a project is set for 16 bit, 24 bit is requested from the audio hardware and then dithered, resulting in a cleaner signal than the default 16 bit non-dithered signal. (**)

Bit transparency. When volume faders are set to 0dB and FX off, there will be no signal processing, resulting in 100% clean signal transparency throughout the system from input to output (no losses or added distortion).

Song project folders are now unhidden in the Documents folder of iTunes File Sharing, for easy backup of songs. To Backup a song, drag the song out of the Documents folder. To restore a backed up project, zip it and and drag it back to the Documents folder.

Full support for zipping and unzipping a song project from within MultiTrack (Touch-hold a song icon to zip the song, tap a zipped song to unzip).

(**) requires iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen, iPad, or later, external audio hardware (see website for details)

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