BeatMaker 2.3 full feature list

In case you missed it earlier on twitter, here’s what’s coming, and I’ve been playing with it, and it is amazing …

New features

  • Audio tracks with disk streaming support
  • Support for USB class audio interfaces on iPad via Camera Connection Kit
  • Record up to 8 audio tracks simultaneously (current iOS limitation)
  • Gain and noise gate on audio inputs
  • Sample drag’n’drop on drum machine via “Quick Load” feature
  • Event recording is now allowed anywhere in the app
  • Patterns can be dragged directly on the song editor
  • Sample streaming in drum and keyboard samplers (samples are not loaded in RAM)
  • Automatic audition of samples in browser
  • New auto-loop mode for pads (quantized)
  • Revamped iPod Library import
  • Sustain pedal is now supported in the keyboard sampler and is editable in the pattern editor
  • Keyboard sampler now supports layers
  • Revamped sampler mapping editor
  • Retina graphic content for the 3rd generation iPad
  • Receive MIDI clock messages for tempo synchronization
  • App Settings: Added OMNI and input clock
  • More automatizable parameters: Auto-pan sync and sync toggle / Effects bypass / LFO sync rate / Invert ADSR / Tune, Fine-Tune / Filter key / Pads reverse and mute / Mixer track mute and solo / Sustain pedal

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix crash when resetting auto-scale on an empty pads
  • Fix noise when looping very small samples
  • Fix issue with installing BeatMaker 1 ‘bmkz’ files
  • Fix sampling rate issue with some accessories (ie. Apple Digital AV Adapter)
  • Fix behavior of MIDI virtual input ports
  • Install BMKZ kits when using Dropbox
  • Other minor fixes and engine improvements
  • Update to Dropbox SDK v1.2.2
  • Improve preset/projects file format (quicker load/save)

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

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