TiltTone has arrived …

Sunday is a good day to have a look at a free synth isn’t it. So here’s one to try this afternoon.

It’s called TiltTone by maepLABO and here’s what they have to say about it:

TiltTone is a musical instrument app that allows you to play sounds by tilting your iPhone.

You can adjust quality of sound and save up to 25 different sounds.You can use this app with one or both hands.As you become skilled with this, you will learn to play without watching iPhone’s display.

TiltTone uses frequency modulation synthesis.The number of operators is two,and the modulator has a feedback system.The present version doesn’t have features to do LFO and tone envelope yet,but we will add them in a software update soon.


  • When you touch the display, TiltTone plays sounds.
  • When you tilt the iPhone, the pitch changes.When the display faces upward,the pitch is highest.The effective degree range can be set at either 90° or 180°.
  • When you touch the display with two or more points, the pitch becomes temporally fixed.


  • CONTINUOUS : Whether the pitch changes continuously or not.
  • DEGREE RANGE :Effective degree range to tilt.
  • OCTAVE RANGE :Effective octave range.If DEGREE RANGE is 90,I recommend that an octave range is two or less,and if DEGREE *RANGE is 180,I recommend three or less.
  • ATTACK TIME : Time for sound standing up.(ms)
  • DECAY TIME : Length of time it takes for a note to return to default volume.
  • SUSTAIN LEVEL : Level of volume set as default.
  • RELEASE TIME : Time sound takes to die away after releasing display from fingertips.
  • CARRIER : The wave forms of carrier in frequency modulation.(Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse)
  • MODULATOR : The wave forms of modulator in frequency modulation.(Sine, Saw, Triangle, Pulse)
  • MODULATION FREQ RATIO : The Ratio between frequency of the modulator and that of the carrier.
  • MODULATION INDEX : Modulation index.
  • MODULATION FEEDBACK : Level of feedback at modulator.
  • FILTER TYPE : Type of filter.(HighPass, LowPass, BandPass)
  • FILTER FREQ : Crossover frequency of filter.
  • FILTER Q : Q-value of filter.
  • LEVEL : Level of reverberation.
  • LIVENESS : Level of reverberation feedback.
  • CROSSOVER FREQ : Crossover frequency of reverberation.
  • HF DAMPING : Level of damping at the frequencies above CROSSOVER FREQ.
  • DELAY TIME : Delay time of echo.
  • ECHO LEVEL : Level of echo.


  • iPhone4,4S,iPad2 (Other devices can’t run this app.)
  • iOS5

TiltTone - maepLABO


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