Remaster (Universal) arrives (and is free)

A new app from the maker of Audioforge and Reforge. This one looks interesting. Here are the details:

Polish your music, fix it in the mix. 7 band equalizer, normalizer. Render to file. Audiocopy and paste. Export setting to use in Equalizer. Export settings as PDF.

Remaster is a tool to rework your songs, loops and recordings. Currently a seven band equalizer can be employed, including a toggle to normalize the sound or not. The feature set will grow over time.

The equalizer is a seven band parametric equalizer with full visual as well as text entry control for all three parameters: gain, center frequency and q.

Processing is done in 32 bit and has a sophisticated dither function as final step to prevent quantization errors. Dithering can be disabled to improve processing speed.

There are two in-app purchase in Remaster:

1) Render
Render to file allows to bounce the eq modifications you made to any song as a new file so it can be shared via audiocopy or downloaded to your computer via iTunes filesharing. Render will only needed to be purchased once at a cost of 99 US cents (or equivalent in other countries). If you own Equalizer (by Audioforge Labs) you will get this functionality for free. Make sure Equalizer is installed on the device.

2) Export settings to PDF
This function allows to create a table of your current settings (frequency, gain and Q for each node) and email it as a PDF. Every generation of a PDF will cost 99 US cents (or equivalent).

Remaster - Audioforge Labs Inc.

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