Moog Modular V2 Controller for iPad

A new controller for your iPad. Here’s what to expect:

The Moog Modular Controller is a MIDI controller app for the Arturia Moog modular V2 virtual instrument.

It uses the wireless MIDI possibilities of the IOS CoreAudio framework.
On the VST side, the wireless MIDI is enabled with:
OSX -> Build-in Wireless MIDI
Windows -> rptMIDI (

To start using the app, the Arturia Moog Modular application needs to learn all MIDI controller messages.

This can be done by enabling the MIDI learn option. Then, after selecting a knob in de Moog Modular it will recognize the incoming messages. Note, these messages are all NRPN messages.
Als have a look at the manual of the Arturia Moog Modular V2 and your OSX and/or Windows manual.

This app will set you back $24.99 though!

Moog Modular V2 Controller - Ron Gerrist

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