Pollisynth, first thoughts

I posted about Pollisynth when it arrived on the app store. It’s a simple idea for an app, and one that’s been done before with varying degrees of success. However, this app is really quite well designed. It does what many others do and gives you a tiny tutorial when you first open it, but then it is really straightforward to use, and the results, well, you’re not going to use them in your next symphony (I might of course), but they’re not awful.

I should perhaps preface these comments with the fact that I’ve only spent a matter of minutes with this so far. I probably will spend more time with this app and see what it can really produce. I’ll report back when I’ve done more research.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, then also try Barcodas, which makes little tunes from bar codes.

Pollisynth - Rubyjock

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