Noisepad drum machine for iPad arrives

The design and look reminds me a bit of DM1. Anyway, here are the details:

Noisepad is a user friendly drum computer packed with the latest samples, beats and vocals from A-list artists and producers.

It adds a new dimension to your live-sets, parties and all places where you want to make noise. Realtime built in effects such as pitch, delay, cut-off, phase, reverb and bit-crush will bring your noise to life.
If all that isn’t enough, you simply upload your own samples to the custom soundbanks using iTunes.


  • Sound effects: Pitch . Delay . Phase . Cut-off . Reverb . Crush
  • Slider double tap: reset the effect to the off position
  • Soundbanks: samples & beats are organized into multiple sets
  • Cut: each sample cuts previous sample
  • L/R: switch the orientation to suit left or right handed
  • Tap: tap for the tempo of your effects
  • Volume: set the Noisepad volume separately from the device volume
  • Effects Dry / Wet: set effect strength from 0 to 100%
  • Audio output: output meter
  • In-App shop: download the latest samples from your favorite artists
  • Background music: play a track in iTunes and make some noise on the same device
  • Custom soundbank: upload your own samples using iTunes*
  • Supported sound formats: (.CAF / .WAV / .MP3 audio files, 22khz / 44khz / 48khz, stereo / mono ).

Noisepad Chuckie Edition
Chuckie is the first A-list artist to be involved in the development of Noisepad. In a need for live sampling on stage in combination with his standard gear, Chuckie came up with this mobile tool for his livesets.

This edition of Noisepad comes with 36 samples (44khz stereo) from the new Chuckie hits ‘Who is ready to jump’ and ‘What happens in Vegas’.

The app is priced at $2.99.

Noisepad - MediaGROE

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