Symphonix Evolution 1.86 is on the way

Version 1.86 of Symphonix has been submitted to that app store. Here’s what’s coming:

  • It is now possible to define a set of System Exclusive messages for external devices
  • Percussion symbols can be defined for each device, and mapped to lines in the Percussion Staff
  • A new display mode has been added to manage tracks more effectively
  • It is easier to add Controller Events to a score
  • It is now possible to add Time Signature changes
  • Added new Split, Merge, Duplicate and Clear functions
  • Tracks can be merged when printing
  • Easier note selection in Piano Roll mode
  • It is easier to drag and extend a Selection
  • It is now possible to select text and delete it
  • Sleep mode is now disabled in Step Recording mode

Symphonix Evolution - Vinclaro

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