TB MIDI Tiny Stuff

From the makers of TB MIDI Stuff, comes a tiny version!

LAUNCH PRICE (60% offers for limited time) The app is priced at $1.99

TB MIDI Tiny Stuff is a tiny generic modular MIDI control surface for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The built-in page editor lets you create your own pages. It contains some useful tools like pasteboard, undo manager, multi selection or z-order managment.

All drum pads in your custom pages can use Accelerometer Velocity for notes On messages. They can also fire multiple notes at the same time to create “one hit” configurations (each note can use or not the accelerometer velocity).

All pages can be shared via iTunes with a desktop computer or via e-mail directly in the app. You can import pages from Mail and Safari.

TB MIDI Tiny Stuff use CoreMidi : you can use any supported device, like the native WiFi driver. Each page can use a different CoreMidi driver. Also works with Virtual MIDI Ports applications capable and the app provides two virtual MIDI out ports.

Controls can use the accelerometer as input (even faders and knobs), in each dimension (X, Y, Z or, for XY Pads, a mix of them).

The application library contains :

  • Rotary sliders
  • Horizontal sliders
  • Vertical sliders
  • Horizontal faders (with different colors)
  • Vertical faders (with different colors)
  • Mixer knobs (with different colors and flavors)
  • Black knobs
  • Drum Pads
  • XY Pads
  • Rounded rects
  • Labels

Each control can drive simultaneously multiple MIDI messages like Control Change messages (single 7bits and coarse/fine 14bits), RNP/NRPN messages (7 and 14bits), Pitch Bend messages, Program Changes messages, Note On/Off messages.

You can open up to 32 pages simultaneously. You can manage the pages order, open multiple instances of the same page and change the MIDI Out driver or the MIDI Out channel (or both) without entering the editor for each instance.

TB MIDI Tiny Stuff contains some demo and template pages.

Note : TB MIDI Tiny Stuff doesn’t manage SYSEX messages yet.

The app is priced at $1.99

TB MIDI Tiny Stuff - TBStuff

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