Sketch Synth 3D for iPad arrives

Another strange app that’s arrived for the iPad, but one of the first that I’m aware of that’s around for specifically connecting to the Xbox kinect. Now that could be interesting.

Here’s the app’s description.

Sketch Synth 3D gives you a completely new way of turning short sketches into sound loops. To draw sounds in 3D you can use a touchpad, accelerometers and even use it’s OSC input to connect with an Xbox kinect (via OSCeleton or OSCKinnection). This gives you maximum control over the shapes that your sounds take on. Standard XY Pads can give you some extra control over parameters; but Sketch Synth 3D lets you add in that third dimension that can really let you smooth out and add shape to a sound.

You can either use Sketch Synth’s sound engine to apply effects to samples (including wav files of your own as of the next release: version 1.0.1), or you can use it to output OSC or Midi to your existing synths.

Sketch Synth can take input from a variety of devices using it’s OSC input, one Sketch Synth running on an iPad can control another Sketch Synth running on you main computer.

It’s not cheap though. The app is priced at $32.99.

Sketch Synth 3D - Shape of Sound Limited

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