Right, here’s the list for developer of the year

Anyone have any last minute addition?

  • Rob Fielding and Kevin Chartier
  • Erik Sight (Shapesynth, Sinusoid++)
  • Matt from Blip Interactive
  • Alex Zolotov, for Sunvox
  • The Intua Team for BM2
  • Intermorphic for Mixtikl
  • Retronyms for DopplerPad and TableTop
  • Dave Wallin for Genome Midi Sequencer
  • Moog for Animoog
  • Rolf from NLog Music for NLog and his work with OMAC
  • Jesse for ThumbJam
  • Art from synthetic bits for his work with Virtual MIDI
  • Audeonic Apps for glueing apps, SynthStation 25 and old Midi Mobilizers together
  • Michael Tyson (a Tasty Pixel), for living in a camper like a 21st century iOS guru
  • Johan Larsby, who made Sprak and the amazing PalmSprak
  • Korg for IMS-20, iElectribe and iKaossilator and of course WIST
  • Christian Bacaj for EPS
  • Finger-Pro for BassLine and MoDrum and amazing work with virtual MIDI

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