WaveShaper for iPad arrives

This looks like a really interesting app. I think I might have to give this one a go. Here’s the app’s description:

Create unique sound effects using any audio file!

WaveShaper is an audio synthesis app that lets you control a unique sound generating algorithm using a large XY controller. Use two fingers to control four parameters in real-time. This app is full of surprises and will create sounds unlike any you might create in a typical sound design plugin!

“Sound designers and electronic music producers are always on the look out for new noise makers to use for one-off special effects in our projects, but rarely do we come across something that feels like a one stop shop for all noise making needs. Well, when I need noise for a sound design project, now I grab my iPad and load up WaveShaper.

I’ve been using WaveShaper for a few months now and already used it to do around 80% of the source material in a sci-fi action video game. It really excels at futuristic sounds like energy fields, gravity manipulators, computer terminals, space helicopters, tears in the fabric of the space-time continuum… Oh, and run it through a reverb filter bank with the right source file, you can make some super creepy horror ambiences.

WaveShaper gives you a bunch of source files to play with, but it’s super easy to add in your own or create new ones right from within the app. Being able to see the waveform of your source file and control exactly what sections of the file you’re hearing allows for some real expressive live playability. I suggest using source files with a lot of dynamic and tonal variety for the most expressive live setup. Of course you can choose different source files without interrupting playback, so there are no limits.

If you’re into turntablism record scratch style sounds, but want something a little more future sounding, try some source of people talking or singing and use the red noise mode. I’ve made source that sounds like the best scratch DJ ever going nuts on eight turntables at once.

Oh and if you have a good subwoofer, you can bring the house down around you with this app.” – Bobby Arlauskas, Sound Designer, GL33k game audio

Features of WaveShaper include:

  • white, pink, and red noise as a control source for the algorithm
  • two control points for controlling noise generation and location in the source audio
  • 8 preset slots for storing control point positions
  • touch-and-slide on the presets to scrub between them
  • includes over 20 audio files to use in the app
  • add your own audio files using the Documents folder in iTunes
  • record your performance and save the result to the Documents folder
  • share your recordings on SoundCloud from within the app

The app is priced at $5.99.

WaveShaper - Damien Di Fede

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