Physynth arrives!

PHYSYNTH turns your iPad or iPad 2 into a piece of real vintage synth hardware.

Powered by next-generation 3D graphics technologies, it is a stunning, beautiful device that will enable you to weave beautiful, fluid ‘Soundscapes’.

PHYSYNTH uses a state-of-the-art physics engine to trigger sounds using four real simulators, you charge physical objects with sound and collide them with other objects to trigger them. It is an entirely new way of creating music, a natural and fluid way to express yourself with a wide range of beautiful, realistic instruments.


  • Custom shaders especially designed for iPad2 and the beautiful high definition full-3D interface pushes the limits of what your device can do.
  • iPad 1 owners are not left out, Physynth was designed to take full advantage of everything the device has to offer.
  • Layer your sounds with Four-track Soundscaping.
  • Jam with Realtime melody or rhythm over-dubbing.
  • The physics-triggered sample engine with user-adjustable parameters means endless scenarios.
  • Enjoy a wide range of beautiful sounding instruments with more coming in regular updates.
  • Express yourself with full mixing control including full stereo panning, volume and digital special effects.
  • Vintage hardware design with groundbreaking 3D tilt camera, stunning lighting and unbelievable next-gen graphics make Physynth the app to show your friends.
  • Melody-mode to allow the user to play Physynth instruments like a traditional keyboard or drum pad.
  • Headphones are recommended for full stereo immersion and realtime panning.

The app is priced at $2.99.

Physynth - Simian Squared Ltd

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