GuitarToolkit from Agile Partners gets a huge update

A massive update for this excellent guitar app. Here’s what’s new:

  • Beautifully implemented iPad interface takes full advantage of the power and larger screen of the iPad to deliver an even more incredible GuitarToolkit experience. Free upgrade for existing GuitarToolkit users.
  • The GuitarToolkit+ in-app purchase adds interactive Chord Sheets, Custom Instruments, and Advanced Metronome. Advanced Metronome is available now for iPad and coming soon to iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Now with arpeggios, in addition to chords and scales. Arpeggios are available for all instruments and tunings; Arpeggio Boxes show playable arpeggios at specific fret positions, ideal for practice.
  • Dramatically improved instrument audio for all instruments including multiple acoustic and electric guitars.
  • More and better metronome sounds.
  • Capo support: apply and slide a capo to any fret: chords, scales and arpeggios automatically adapt!
  • Scale Boxes show playable scales at specific fret positions, ideal for practice.
  • Scale and Arpeggio Finders: touch notes on the on-screen fretboard and GuitarToolkit identifies matching scales and arpeggios.
  • On iPad, jump between scales or arpeggios and matching chords with a single tap.
  • Dozens of other improvements.

GuitarToolkit - Agile Partners

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