LIVKONTROL for iPad arrives

I probably would’ve said that this wasn’t really the best time to release an Ableton Controller, but LIVKONTROL is here and here’s the details:

LIVKONTROL is the most effective and affordable Ableton Live remote controller ever!


  • Optimized size, layout and interaction for iPad
  • Scrollable view for total scene access
  • Launch entire scene rows
  • Clip reflects color, name and play status
  • Mute, stop, solo and arm tracks
  • Control track and master volume in a intuite and space saving format
  • Special lock feature
  • Song play, stop and metronome control

If you have any questions or need to fill a bug report please visit our website at

LIVKONTROL is made by two persons who share a deep passion by music, design, technology and usability. With a large experience in the software and interactivity industry, our aim is to deliver to best experience possible to those who contribute with their efforts buying LIVKONTROL.
The app is priced at $4.99.

LIVKONTROL - Imaginando

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