iShred updated

Frontier responds to their users with a great update for iShred. Here’s what’s new:

  • In response to the #1 request: songs can have multiple pages of buttons! Instead of dividing a complex piece into multiple songs, each song can have up to 4 pages of buttons.
  • What to do with all of those buttons? How about triggering effects! That’s right, buttons can now also hold effects setups.
  • More effect presets: now up to 12 global presets of effects!
  • New “Share” button on the recorder. Quickly share your recordings to SoundCloud and elsewhere. (Thanks to Henrik at SoundCloud for the suggestion!)
  • AirPlay enhancements:
  • Multiple pages work on AirPlay shared songs. (Older versions of iShred won’t see newer songs.)
  • Removed ability to re-share songs downloaded from AirPlay. You can erase the recording and make your own though!
  • Fixed a bug with music player on older devices
  • Fixed an iOS 5 bug with picking tracks that have no artist or title in music player
  • Fixed various minor bugs

iShred - Frontier Design Group Clip to Evernote

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