Griffin Guitar Connect Pro

Griffin brings another guitar interface to the iPhone. Here’s what their site has to say about the product

Simply put, GuitarConnect Pro adds an instrument input to your iPad or iPhone. At one end, it gives you a 1/4″ mono instrument jack that fits your instrument cable, and at the other end, a dock connector for your iOS device.

Plug your instrument into the 1/4″ jack and you have a noise-free, 100% digital connection from your instrument to GarageBand. And GuitarConnect Pro’s gain control lets you control the strength of your input signal.

  • Plug your guitar or other musical instrument into your iPad, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
  • Turn your iPad or iPhone into a compact performance or practice rig
  • Noise-free, all-digital connection from your instrument to GarageBand
  • Dedicated gain control for instrument input
  • GuitarConnect Pro is AppPowered

The device is compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPad 1 and 2 and retails at $79 Clip to Evernote

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