Updates to the DMA1 Hardware

Updates to the DMA1 Hardware

The DMA1 is a Creative Production Station (CPS) developed from the ground up in the UK by Dark Matter Audio (DMA), it is unlike any other product although it has been descried as “like an iPad but built for musicians”. The DMA1 has all the connectivity for a guitarist/bassist, USB Keyboard, vocalist (it has combo inputs with 48v Phantom power) and a latency so low its practically immeasurable; however DMA did measure it and it is 3 samples (at 48Khz) which is….very fast, you do the maths. The inputs are of course only half the story as far as connectivity is concerned.

The full specs are:

  • 4 analogue Ins: 
  • 2 inputs at mic/guitar level, 
  • Phantom Power, and a further 2 inputs at line level (balanced, naturally)
  • 10 independent Outs: Front LR, Rear LR, Centre, Sub, Aux L/R, 2 x guitar level outs (for guitar amps), headphone & video out. 
  • Optical i/o (S/PDIF), 
  • 3 x USB ports, 
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

The DMA1 has been in development for a little under two years (although planned for longer) and DMA plan to release it early 2012.

DMA have previously shown the DMA1 prototype at Musicmesse 2011 where it received a lot of attention, several videos were made at the show which can be found on You Tube. Since then the system has come along further and taking advice from their fans DMA have made some critical adjustments to the device including adding the combo inputs and Phantom power. DMA have also been working with audio developers from around the globe to help design the API and the DMA1 is now extremely easy to program for so long as you know a bit of C++. This means there will be a plethora of apps available once the store goes live and initial indications suggest that they will be of a very high quality. The DMA1 come ship with an advanced looping station, sequencer, synthesizer, range of guitar stomp boxes, cab models, 5.1 mixer and more. A USB pedal will be available for the unit which allows you to assign any of the buttons to any of the functions of the DMA1. It also boasts a 4 channel architecture meaning you can easily parallelise your effects or have multiple instances of them running in serial at any one time or as DMA like to call it PolyFX.

The architecture of the device means that all the apps link together and run in harmony with each other making this little unit a very powerful production station indeed. With a top of the line Sharc on board, but kept separate from the audio chain to minimise the chance of system noise, its capabilities are very exciting indeed. The RRP of the DMA1 is £499.99 inc VAT. DMA are going to have a presence at Winter NAMM in 2012 and will have a booth at Musikmesse later that year so keep your ears peeled for more news. DMA are currently engaged with a Facebook like campaign so please help them out and like their page.


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