SawSynth for iPad arrives

I posted the video of this a few days ago, and now it’s arrived, so here’s all the details:

Let’s make sound!!
SawSynth is App which creates sound for a sawtooth wave in piles. Various sound can create by easy operation. Furthermore, the waveform created so that it could do intelligibly is displayed.
A maximum of ten waveforms can be piled up.

1 Push a waveform button. A maximum of ten pieces can be piled up.

Button color
Gray Waveform edit can be performed. Yellow Edit is impossible and the sound comes out. White sound does not come out.

Waveform Display
The waveform under edit, are displayed.

Pitch, Volume
The wave-like pitch under edit and volume are changed. Various sound is created by this operation.

Sounds is changed.

Wave-like Starting Position
The sound which changed the wave-like starting position, overlapped is changed.

The created sound can be performed by this keyboard.

Preservation, Call
Preservation and Call about the created waveform.

Method of preservation
The number key is specified. When a number is Yellow, it is already saved. It is saved by the Save key.

Call method
The number key, that number is red, is specified. It calls by the Load key.

This is make 4’s chord sounds. major triad,minor triad and 7th chord.

Test Sound On
Sound is sounded while editing a waveform.

The app is priced at $2.99.

SawSynth - RamSystem Clip to Evernote

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