iConnectivity brings their own app to the app store, PortManager for iOS. Here are the details:

Gain ultimate control of your iConnectMIDI converged MIDI interface with PortManager. Easily configure which of the 12 DIN and USB MIDI input ports get routed to any of the 12 output ports. And for each input and output port, you can specify a range of MIDI filters, including Notes, Pitch bend, Realtime, and Active Sensing.

All changes you make in the PortManager interface are immediately “heard” in your MIDI streams.

A convenient MIDI Data View display shows the incoming MIDI data. Easy-to-navigate Help on how to use PortManager is also readily available within PortManager.

Once you’ve made your configuration, settings are stored in the iConnectMIDI firmware. The next time you power up, your settings will be loaded.

The iConnectMIDI hardware interface allows interconnection of MIDI instruments, iOS, and computers, and is a rugged and powerful hub to all your MIDI instruments.

And the app’s free!

PortManager - iConnectivity

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