MidiBridge 1.3 arrives

The 1.3 version arrives. Here’s what’s new:

  • Akai SynthStation 25 support – play wirelessly or control previously unsupported apps with your SynthStation 25 (or both)
  • Line6 MIDI Mobilizer I and SynthStation 25 can continue processing even when MidiBridge is backgrounded (only on iOS5 devices)
  • OMAC fast switching to compatible running apps by double-tap on port
  • Explore/launch other virtual midi compatible apps from app panel
  • Drum remap on input/output filters; maps channel 10 to midi channels 1-4 (user selectable); eg. control SampleTank from older drum machines
  • Landscape view now also supported on iPod/iPhone

MidiBridge - Audeonic Apps

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