MidiBridge 1.3 is looking amazing!

I think I’m a bit late in the game on this one, but this sounds like an amazing update coming to this app.

Audeonic Apps has submitted MidiBridge 1.3 to Apple for review. This new update includes the following new features:

  • Akai Syntthstation 25 support – Use the SS25 to control any CoreMIDI apps and at the same time connect wirelessly to a remote device for a compact wire-free experience.
  • Under iOS5 both the SS25 and original Line6 Midi Mobilizer will both continue processing events in the background, so with these devices it is now possible to background MidiBridge and change synth settings whilst you play.
  • Drum remap mode to map channel 10 from older drum machines to lower channel numbers (1-4, user selectable) so that these can control apps like SampleTank
  • Fast-switching to and launching other compatible OMAC apps, by double tapping a port of a running app in MidiBridge and switching to that app, or launching an installed app (or exploring uninstalled ones) from the OMAC Application panel.

MidiBridge - Audeonic Apps

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