Secrets of House Music Production by Sample Magic

Thought you might be interested in this:

Sample Magic’s award-winning Secrets of House Music Production book comes to the iPad as a huge, fully-interactive App.

The 2011 edition of the definitive book has been rebuilt from the ground up to include all the original content – with chapters on drums, basslines, mixing, arrangement, vocals, fx, mastering and more – PLUS 340+ audio examples, 60+ interactive walkthroughs, 38 realtime beat-building grids, 3 full pro-track arrangements, a complete effects directory and much more.

The App clocks in at over 500 pages of seminal tips, tricks and walkthroughs – with words from Mark Knight and Wolfgang Gartner. It’s a classic on steroids: the ultimate house production companion.

The free App comes bundled with a range of pages and walkthroughs to give you a taste of what is available in the full paid-for version, which is then purchased in-App, either chapter by chapter, or – for a better price – all content.

Secrets of House Music Production by Sample Magic - Sample Magic

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