Beep Poet 2 – Home made noise maker in a can

The Beep Poet 2 is available from Etsy in USD and Folksy in GBP

The first half of this video shows the Beep Poet 2 connected via its 1/4″ jack and the second half shows it playing through its internal speaker.

The Beep Poet 2 is a battery powered noise maker in a can. Its great for making sound effects and silly noises.

It is controlled by 4 knobs, and 2 switches.

It has 2 oscillators (Red and Green knobs). Osc 1 produces audio frequency ranges whilst osc 2 produces LFO and audio frequencies which is great for extreme effects.

Osc 1 goes to the output through a simple passive filter (Yellow knob)

Osc 2 can modulate the pitch of osc 1 by the amount set by the blue knob or gate its volume when the modulation switch is turned on.

There is a switch to trigger the unit which can be locked in place by pushing it one way or give a momentary action by pushing it the other.

The knobs all go backward. This is because I’m using logarithmic knobs which make the oscillators easier to control when wired up the wrong way round.

The Beep Poet 2 has a small loudspeaker to produce sound but can also be plugged into external equipment via a 1/4″ socket on the base of the unit.

The Beep Poet 2 is powered by a single 9v battery (not supplied) which can be installed by removing the nut around the 1/4″ socket and removing the base.

Its mounted in a recycled tin can. It is also supplied with an instruction CDR. Clip to Evernote

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