What I’ve been playing with: TNR-i

I had some time to spare and was looking at the apps on my iPhone trying to decide what to play with that I hadn’t used in ages. So picked TNR-i. I think it has been ages since I last used this app, and of course there was something in there that I’d started ages ago (not bad in fact), and I ended up jamming along with it.

I know that the Tenori-on grid concept has been done a lot on the app store, but I think that the original TNR-i albeit not the first grid sequence app has a lot going for it.

One thing that really struck me about it was that with certain settings I didn’t even have to look at the screen to use the app and jam along with the layer that I’d previously created. I really liked that, not that I’m advocating using music apps whilst driving or anything, but I liked that I didn’t have to be glued to the screen to be happily engaged in making some music.

I think I’ll have to try a few other apps to see if it’s possible elsewhere.

TNR-i - US - Yamaha Corporation of America

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