Yet another wish list!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last wait list. I’ve updated it with all your comments, but I’m betting that there will be more!

iOS Apps:

  • Cascadr v3
  • Jasuto Studio
  • iSequence 3
  • loopseque extra
  • NanoStudio iPad update (yes, still happening)
  • Scattr (new app from Michael Aldridge)
  • Tympanum from miniMusic
  • Thumbjam update (which is shaping up to be really amazing)
  • iSample update
  • Mint io
  • Cream io
  • Noise.IO XT
  • Dimensions from RJDJ 
  • Toro Mini for the iPad
  • PixiTracker for iOS
  • Mixtikl 5!
  • Grain Science
  • BeatMaker 2 update with WIST and Virtual MIDI
  • Rhythm Studio update – 4 new FX and a new synth
  • Lemur? Just a rumour at the moment
  • Alchemy update?
  • Tabletop update coming on Tuesday!
  • SampleTank for iPad?


  • FL Studio Mobile – Android


  • Akai Synthstation 49

    Did I miss anything else? Clip to Evernote

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