Loopseque Lite update

Loopseque Lite gets the same update as the full version. Here’s what’s new:

With this most wanted update Loopseque turns into a simple and smart Sampler app with many options onboard.

Try most of them now in your Lite version and send us feedback, you are welcome:

  • Sample Editor (volume, pitch, reverse, attack, decay etc).
  • Volume control for each channel.
  • FX processor (LP & HP Filter, Beat Repeater and Reverb with simple routing – easy for new beginners).
  • Recieve Projects from your friends with all samples and presets by e-mail.


  • Totally reworked sound engine.
  • Enchanced Design.
  • New tutorials.
  • Bugfix for audio in iOS 5.

Loopseque Lite - Casual Underground

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