Actic Keys update shows how much user input is valued

It’s always great to see good updates come to an already excellent app, but when a big proportion of the update is as a response to user suggestions I think that is really impressive and shows a real commitment from the developer to their user base.

Here’s what’s new in Arctic Keys:

User Suggestions:

  • Patch increment/decrement buttons
  • Legato mode
  • Allow Factory Patch delete, overwrite and restore
  • Recording length can now be set
  • Desensitised linear knob rotation
  • Pitch and mod wheels behave move like ribbon controllers


  • SoundCloud audio sharing
  • Improved MIDI implementation for interoperability with Geo Synthesizer
  • Multi-channel MIDI pitch bends
  • Multi-channel MIDI CC
  • Performance optimisations
  • FIXED: iOS 5 modal popovers
  • FIXED: Modulation routing menu on iOS 5
  • FIXED: URL open for iOS 5
  • FIXED: MIDI NRPN not written to MIDI file during record
  • FIXED: Local Control and the MIDI file player
  • FIXED: When in Omni mode synth transmits MIDI on channel 1
  • FIXED: Unison mode not responding
  • FIXED: External MIDI messages sometimes out of order

Arctic Keys - One Red Dog Media

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