Click Space lite looks intriguing

This looks like an interesting app, with an odd use of the word ‘lite’.

Some kind of a glitch 5 track groovebox.
For each track you may assign volume, pan, gate, speed (pitch), attack and decay times. 25 samples.
Also there is a master effect unit with LP distortion, digital lofi effect, and a short delay.

The interesting thing (which differs this app from other grooveboxes) is shuffle editor. You may define overall shuffling pattern in addition to common beat pattern. So you could make some jazzy grace notes and non staight beats.

There is some kind of an automation for pitch. You could setup it’s variation to bring more life into your beat sequence.

The word “lite” means it has NO RECORDING (only pattern saving) and song editor yet.

Stay tuned for updates!

The developer’s site goes on to say that he’s planning to implement ACP and more.

The app is priced at $1.99.

Click Space lite - Itheme Clip to Evernote

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