This looks like it might be a lot of fun and useful too. I’m very tempted.

Suited for both hobby and professional use, COLORCODE VJ quickly turns your iPad into a VJ tool.At your home or at an event, it’s never been easier to become a VJ!

Limited time offer! About 45% off discount.

COLORCODE VJ can switch and display movies, images, and texts. You can also output to external displays via separately available adapters (*1).

What you can do with COLORCODE VJ

  • Load, mix, and output movie files. (You can display up to 2 movies simultaneously)
  • Overlay PNG image files. You can move the images by touching on the screen, or preset the movement in advance. PNG transparency is supported.
  • Display texts. Like images, texts can also be moved.
  • Play tracks in your iPad’s library as BGM (*2).
  • Output to external displays such as your TV, PC monitor, and projector. (*1)
  • Works with most recent LCD TVs!

Recommended use

  • As part of a full-fledged VJ equipment set.
  • You can even get up on the stage with your iPad while VJing!
  • As a VJ tool for musicians.
  • COLORCODE VJ offers musicians a quick way to play movies in addition to their instruments.
  • Take control of both music and images to add depth to your expression!
  • As a party tool
  • Simply hook up your iPad to a TV or monitor and start VJing!
  • With iPad 2, you can also show movies that were filmed with your iPad.
  • A video slideshow? No problem!
  • As a presentation tool
  • While there are many presentation tools for iPad, COLORCODE VJ may be the one for you when a simple slideshow just doesn’t cut it.
  • Tweak your presentation to match the atmosphere for a successful presentation!
  • As a simple digital signage
  • Connect your iPad to a monitor and play movies for in-store promotions.


  • COLORCODE VJ has 2 modes of operation.
  • Edit mode for preparing your VJ play, and Play mode for performing the actual VJ play.
  • Note that output to external display will be disabled under Edit mode.
  • Is an external display a must? Absolutely not!
  • COLORCODE VJ will work perfectly fine with just your iPad.
  • It’s a lot more fun with an external monitor though!
  • In iPad 1, since there are few memories and the capability of CPU is also low, the COLORCODEVJ cannot run comfortably.
  • We stongly recommend to use with iPad2, because of the hardware limitations (lack of CPU power and available memory) of iPad 1

Sample filesMovies and images provided with COLORCODE VJ are for use within the app only. Contact the respective creator if you wish to use the materials for any other purpose. The material is premised on using on iPad2.

The app is priced at $13.99 (45% off launch offer).


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