VocalizeU for iPad arrives

This new app has a lot more to say for itself! Here’s the lengthy description:

Singers have never had it this good!

VocalizeU is a ground-breaking new app that provides singers and musicians with a revolutionary suite of vocal and musicianship tools. VocalizeU turns your iPad into a complete vocal studio, providing you with everything you need to be the best singer, performer, or musician. It is a comprehensive, full experience app, taking you from beginner to full artistry.

The heart of VocalizeU is itʼs patented, fully customized vocal evaluation and workout program, which individually evaluates each singers voice and assigns proper workouts to correct vocal problems and habits.

The most amazing aspect of VocalizeU lies in its unprecedented on demand access to live vocal experts for one on one lessons, directly from the app!

VocalizeU’s creator, Dave Stroud is a world renowned vocal coach, teacher trainer and entrepreneur, who has taken his industry connections, knowledge and experience and made it accessible to you.

VocalizeU is every singers & musicians essential training kit, offering every basic tool you want & need. A revolutionary feature of VocalizeU is itʼs built in virtual university (the U in VocalizeU)… which will be available late 2011. You can purchase ʻstudio extensionsʼ on any additional subject youʼd like to learn, such as: songwriting, background singing, music management, musical theatre, and more.

Custom Vocal Evaluations & Workouts

  • Patented evaluation process.
  • Vocal assessments & weekly progress reports.
  • Endless variety of workouts.
  • Vocal technique with proven track record, loyal following, & celebrity clients.

Live Vocal Experts

  • Hand picked vocal experts by app creator, Dave Stroud.
  • Live voice lessons through VocalizeUʼs custom built VOIP client.
  • 3 Tiers of teachers available with flexible pricing based on number of teaching years.
  • Vocal Experts tested and held to VocalizeU extremely high standards of excellence.
  • 1 hour lessons, 1/2hour lessons, 15 minute evaluations & 15 minute consultations offered.

Vocal Recorder

  • Full recording capabilities for lessons or anything user generated.
  • Record songs and export to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
  • Import karaoke tracks and create full songs w/ dual recording feature.

Vocal Journal

  • Stores all your songs, lessons, workouts & evaluations so you can make notes and comments
  • Free writing feature for song writing, notes & lyrics.
  • Categorized tabs to keep different content organized.

Pitch & Ear Training Program

  • Full program designed to teach you how to “Hear, Identify & Sing” intervals and pitches.
  • ʻHearʼ familiarizes you with the concept of intervals and provides you with audio examples and references in popular songs.
  • ʻIdentify” is a fun game that tests your ability to identify intervals and keeps score for you to post on your social networking sites.
  • ʻSingʼ tests how well you can hit pitches and intervals, by singing into the app. The built in meter will show whether youʼre on pitch or not!

Adjustable Warm-Ups

  • Completely customizable warms ups to sing before or after performing.
  • Change tempo, ascending or descending, notes and scales.
  • Full touch polyphonic keyboard with key notation.
  • Practice scales, songs, melodies & notes.

VocalizeU University

  • Countless additional apps covering wide variety of subjects, such as; stage performing, vocal style, choreography, publishing, fitness and much more.
  • Scroll through available extensions via iBooks style scrolling within VocalizeU main app.
  • Extensions can be accessed as separate full apps or within VocalizeU.
  • Unlimited access to new education, tools, insider secrets and much more.

Video Library

  • Ever expanding library of videos from within the app and updates.
  • Videos such as; tutorials, celebrity interviews, vocal health, news & much more.
  • All video content from extension purchases will automatically update in your main video library.

Not cheap though at $39.99.

VocalizeU - DS Vocology LLC

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