JamUp Pro arrives

Another multi-effects app for your guitar or bass. Here’s what JamUp Pro delivers:

JamUp is a guitar/bass multi-effect app, gives you a load of authentic guitar tones, sound-on-sound looping and 30+ modules right on your iPad and iPhone!

Powered by the newly developed multi-stage MESH Modeling engine, JamUp includes 6 historic amp models and 6 matched convolution speaker models, comes with classic and fuzzy stomp, spring and digital reverb, tangy modulations, tape and digital delays, filter, compressor, noise gate and other essentials.

Each effect module can be accessed with a simple touch, there’s no digging through menus, no learning process and no hassles. A fully drag and drop signal path allows you to easily try out different pre and post arrangements, it provides a great and flexible way to create your own tone.

JamUp is born with great “play alone” capabilities. The phrase sampler can capture loops and riffs and create instant sound-on-sound overdubs, it’s the easiest way to create a one-person-band sound in minutes. With the Jam Player, you can play along with any tracks from your iTunes library, plus, you can easily create a loop and control the tempo and pitch with built-in high fidelity time stretching engine.


  • 6 hybrid amp models with 6 matched convolution speaker emulation
  • 14 studio-grade stomp boxes, racks and processors, runs 7 amp/effect simultaneously
  • Sound-on-sound phrase sampler
  • iTunes Jam Player with loop, tempo and pitch control
  • Drag and drop signal path
  • 16 user presets (Supports MIDI control)
  • Built-in chromatic tuner and metronome
  • Supports JamUp Plug and most headset guitar adaptors
  • Supports Alesis IO Dock, Apogee JAM, and most USB adaptors
  • And much more…

Phrase Sampler

  • Unlimited long sampling loops creation
  • Built-in synchronized metronome
  • Auto-start modes: auto, manual, 4 beats
  • Auto quantization feature
  • Project save/load with BMP information
  • Export and share your recordings

Jam Player

  • Instant access to iTunes Library
  • Create a loop to playback
  • Control playback speed and pitch with time stretching feature
  • Play alone capabilities with full multi-effect support

The app is priced at $19.99.

JamUp Pro - Positive Grid LLC

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