iCircuit update

A great app for DIY work and messing with circuit designs. Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • Big improvements to performance and visual quality of circuits on all devices. Now takes full advantage of retina displays!
  • DC Motors, Relays, 74XXX, and 78XX elements have been added.
  • User interface and gesture changes to be more like other iOS apps.
  • Simulation bandwidth limit removed and the maximum size of circuits has increased.
  • Scope has a new cursor to examine values, can be scrolled back in time, and can export its data.


  • Measurement of voltage drops across elements can now be flipped in the meter
  • Bugs that occurred while changing orientation with the full screen scope have been fixed.
  • Improved the size of element icons in the parts drawer to be easier to add to circuits.

iCircuit - Krueger Systems, Inc.

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